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Great Salt Bay Preserve Heritage Trail

I recently hiked the Great Salt Bay Preserve Heritage Trail in Newcastle, ME with a few friends.  Here are some photos I took along the way.  Hover or “mouse-over” any image to enlarge it, or click an image for a full-sized view, which will open in a separate browser window.  Patience may be required when you do that - most are untouched “camera-raw” 7.1 MegaPixel images from my Canon PowerShot SD500, and may take several seconds to load, depending on your connection speed.

SaltBayHeritage IMG000 IMG0001 IMG0002 IMG0003 IMG0004 IMG0005 IMG0006 IMG0007 IMG0008 IMG0009 IMG0010 IMG0011 IMG0012 IMG0013 IMG0014 Selfie IMG0015 IMG0016 IMG0017 IMG0018 IMG0019 IMG0020 IMG0021 IMG0022 IMG0023 IMG0024 IMG0025 IMG0026 IMG0027 IMG0028 IMG0029 IMG0030 IMG0031 IMG0032 IMG0033 IMG0034 IMG0035 IMG0036 IMG0037 IMG0038 IMG0039 IMG0040 IMG0041 IMG0042 IMG0043 IMG0044 IMG0045 IMG0046 IMG0047 IMG0048 IMG0049 IMG0052 IMG0053 IMG0054 IMG0055 IMG0056 IMG0057 IMG0058 IMG0059 IMG0060 IMG0061 IMG0062 IMG0063 IMG0064 IMG0065 IMG0066 IMG0067 IMG0068 IMG0069 IMG0070

73 - Dick.

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